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Composers that you think are legendary.



Hello everyone, and welcome back to my esteemed blogs.  There is a huge selection of video game soundtracks out there that are deemed as legendary.  That being said, I wanted to know what composer you think is legendary, and what specific work deems him or her the title of legendary?  




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PS Vita

ImageHello everyone, and welcome back to my blog.  The hand held console wars still continue to reign on.  In the left corner with the 3DS at it’s disposal the reigning champion, Nintendo!  In the right corner the challenger who is taking the handheld market by storm with the PS Vita, Sony!

So the question everyone is asking is, which hand held is the best?  I have been a hardcore Nintendo fan since day one but, since the release of the Nintendo 3DS I have been very unsatisfied with the system and the lineup of games.  I never thought there would be a better system, and then I played the PS Vita.  

A lot of people are turned off by the price tag for the system and accessories.  I can proudly tell you that the money is well worth it.  From the moment I turned on the PS Vita I was hooked.  The launch lineup is not the best in the industry, but for those of you like myself who never owned a PSP it is well worth it.  I finally get to play some PSP titles that I never got to play like The 3rd Birthday.  So let me tell you hands down, the PS Vita is well worth it.  I spent the money, and I am not regretting it one bit.  

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Dragon’s Crown Update


Hello everyone, and welcome to my esteemed blog.  For those of you who have been keeping up with my blogs.  I spoke about a particular VanillaWare title called Dragon’s Crown which was scheduled to be released for the Playstation 3 in the spring of this year.

There was a slight scare because the company that was going to release it originally had made a decision to scrap the project entirely.  Thankfully happy readers Atlus has decided to pick up the project and put it in the very capable hands of their team.  Atlus will be publishing this title for the Playstation 3 and PS Vita systems.  Both are slated for an early 2013 release, but things can change.  Let’s just be thankful that this title is still on the way.  

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Emergencies and Disaster Response Organization’s Usage of Social Media.



Being a previous intern with the Red Cross, I thought this would be great information for people to know.  Social media is being used in many different ways, and it’s evolving rapidly.  Most organizations primarily utilize Facebook and Twitter to reach out to their audiences.  Then there are other industries such as retail that utilize up and coming social media platforms like Pinterest to better market products to their consumers.  

So how does emergency response utilize social media?  This articlegoes into detail with visual examples on how disaster relief organizations like the Red Cross use social media to keep their audiences up to date with subjects such as:

-Disaster safety procedures

-Events taking place (CPR Classes, workshops, blood drives)

-Updates on disasters that occur

I believe these organizations utilize social media effectively to keep their audiences up to speed with everything that is happening with disasters and response procedures.  To these organizations, I say thank you for your support.

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Xenoblade Chronicles Review: In the desolate world of RPGs. One title stands tall.


With the lack of true RPG’s in the gaming market today fans have lost hope of playing a shining title that is stand alone.  Well thanks to Monolith and Gamestop, fans in North America will be able to enjoy a title that is truly unique and memorable.  Xenoblade Chronicles is an exclusive title for the Nintendo Wii that is only available at Gamestop.  To those of you out there who shunned the Wii and sold your console, you will surely be kicking yourself for doing so.  It’s sad that such an amazing title is only available on a system that is nearing the end of it’s lifecycle, but at least it’s here for fans to play and ultimately cherish.

Graphics:  This may possibly be the only thing that critics may have an issue with.  While Monolith does a great job of pushing the Wii to it’s limits, Xenoblade Chronicles still looks like a Playstation 2 title in terms of graphics.  This shouldn’t stop people from playing this title unless you’re a person who judges on polish alone.  Score: 8/10

Gameplay:  This is one area where Xenoblade truly stands supreme.  Fans of Final Fantasy 12 will jump for joy with the amazingly innovative and easy to use combat system.  The mechanics are very similar to Final Fantasy 12.  There is a TON of things to do in this game as the sidequests are robust in numbers.  From the moment you turn on Xenoblade, the amazing story will keep you on your chair until the very end.  Score: 9.5/10

Sound:  Another attribute of Xenoblade that fans will notice is the beautiful musical score.  The british voice work is very well done, combined with an amazing soundtrack only adds to the amazing experience.  Score 9.5/10

Issues:  Besides the dates graphics, Xenoblade is a title that all fans of good RPGs should get their hands on.  The price tag of $50 dollars is an investment you will not regret.  What makes an RPG truly amazing is not just graphics, but a soundtrack and story that pulls you in from beginning to end.  Thank you Monolith and Gamestop for bringing a timeless treasure state side.

Final Score: 9.5/10

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Twitter Fights Back!!!


A lot of us grow very tired of spam in our email accounts.  Twitter is officially one of the many who have had it with spammers.  They just launched a huge lawsuit against five major spam sites.  Personally, I was happy to read this because there are a lot of spamming sites out there that somehow find our email accounts.  The next thing you know you’re bombarded with countless annoying spam.  The lucky recipients of this suit are:

TweetAttacks (, TweetAdder (, TweetBuddy (, James Lucero (of and Garland Harris (of

You can read the full article here.

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Silent Hill HD Collection Review: The roots of Silent Hill resurrected.


With the recent string of bad Silent Hill titles as of late, it’s nice to take a look back at the titles that made the Silent Hill franchise so amazing back in the day.  Hijinks Studios took the liberty of redoing Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill 3 in high definition for the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 game consoles.  So, are these resurrected classics just as good in high definition?



Graphics:  The HD rendered graphics of Silent Hill HD Collection is among the best.  The dreary atmosphere of Silent Hill still remains in both titles and still continues to creep out original fans.  Newcomers to the series may not be impressed since most people these days appear to be attracted to soulless polish, but to the original fans of the series wanting to take a trip down memory lane, you will not be disappointed.  Score: 9/10


Sound:  Even after a decade the original soundtrack of Silent Hill HD Collection remains true to it’s roots.  Akira Yamaoka’s strange sense of musical style still shines strong a decade later.  There have been some complaints with regard to Konami choosing to redo the voice work in both games.  Well I can thankfully say that the new voice work is well done.  Plus you have the option of choosing the original voices or the new voices before you begin both games.  Score: 9/10


Gameplay:  Some new generation fans may not be so keen with the clunky combat of these Silent Hill installments, but fans of the game will be happy to know that the original gameplay has been left untouched.  What new age fans don’t understand is that it’s more about the fear factor and running from the monsters and less about fighting them.  Score: 8/10


Issues:  The combat may displease new age fans that are just being introduced to Silent Hill with Homecoming and Downpour.  This is a look into what made Silent Hill so amazing before team silent disbanded after the completion of part three.  This is a rare treat that Silent Hill fans old and new should invest in.

 Final Score:  9/10

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