Monthly Archives: January 2011

P90X and a gym routine that already kills?

Today was a great day minus a second hectic day of classes.  I applied for a few more internships so hopefully that all goes well.  Crisis communication class is very interesting indeed.  I made a decision to use P90X on top of my already brutal workout.  I look forward to the next six months when I slowly transform my body.  Look out Chicago the machine is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such an Idle Time for me.

It has been such a hectic few months.  I apologize for being negligent on my updates.  School and the gym have taken most of my time, and of course my family travels over the holidays.  I got to see my aunt and uncle for the first time in 15 years.  I arrived on December 8th in Tampa Florida.  To see my aunt and uncle for the first time filled my heart with such joy.  We spent so many nights talking, laughing, and having fun all over Florida.  My aunt made me a rosary that I treasure dearly.  It was also the first time that my mom had all her children home for the holidays in six years.  It was hard back then with my brother being away in Florida, and me in Iraq at the time.  Regardless it was an amazing experience.  It was the first day of classes today, and it got off to a rocky start.  In the end though it was a very nice day.  Looking forward to tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

My little Angel