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Dragon’s Crown Review









Welcome back friends to my outstanding blog.  I apologize for this delayed review but, as many of you are well aware I am in the process of reviewing two very anticipated RPGs for the Playstation 3 console-both of which are extensive and very engaging-Dragon’s Crown and Tales of Xillia.  Rather than delaying the flow of blogs, I decided to just review one title at a time.  First up is Dragon’s Crown.

Dragon’s Crown is the newest title developed by VanillaWare, a small niche company that is responsible for titles such as Princess Crown, Odin Sphere, GrimGrimoire, and Muramasa The Demon Blade.  Originally this title was going to be published by XSeed however, they scrapped the project due to what I believe was financial reasons.  So, Atlus heard the calls from their fans and brought Dragon’s Crown to the United States.  With all the near misses in porting this title stateside, was the effort worth it?








Graphics:  To say that Dragon’s Crown is a visual masterpiece would be the biggest understatement of 2013.  The most unique attribute about Dragon’s Crown’s graphics all the in-game backgrounds, characters, creatures and effects are painted by hand.  This approach adds a very unique touch that differentiates from other titles, and Vanillaware definitely deserves praises for this beautiful achievement.  Some gamers out there will also notice the extreme detail that is in every character, especially in the females, the sorceress being the biggest example.  Score: 10/10

Sound:  The musical score is very fitting for the world of Dragon’s Crown.  There are several tracks that stand out above the rest,  like the over world theme.  Besides a few sounds the characters make in battle, and of course their quotes when highlighting them during the selection screen, the only voice work is that of the narrator, which is well done.  The narrator however becomes consistently annoying repeating your objective every time you leave a tavern or shop.     Score: 9/10








Gameplay:  This is where the meat of the package is at.  Fans of Golden Axe will feel right at home with this title.  Dragon’s Crown may seem short with only nine dungeons to explore but, there are two paths per dungeon to explore with two bosses at the end of each path.  The game can be either a short ride or a long excruciating challenge depending on the character you select.  You can recruit other fighters to join in your quest by finding their bones in dungeons and resurrecting them.

There are numerous quests that will keep you more than occupied throughout the adventure,  but the biggest and most unique feature is the loot system.  Throughout each dungeon you will find a plethora of items and equipment that will remain un-appraised until completion.  Once you complete a dungeon, you can spend your gold to appraise the item, or simply cash in your chips and sell it straight out.  Keep in mind, there are LOTS OF ITEMS to find in Dragon’s Crown.  Also in Dragon’s Crown are hidden jewels and trinkets that you discover hidden in the backgrounds of the dungeons which will increase your score.  The campaign mode per character class takes about 20 hours to beat but, fans who are looking for an action RPG with tremendous depth will end their search with Dragon’s Crown with it’s 100 plus hours of gameplay for those looking to earn that platinum.   Score: 10/10  

Issues:  Dragon’s Crown is available for PS3 and PSVita.  Unfortunately the Vita version does not support cross-buy or cross-play.  This is a huge letdown, especially for those Vita owners that want to play with friends.

This is a title that should be in everyone’s possession.  The style of the game is nostalgic, but unique with it’s art style and design.  Definitely recommend this title to everybody.

Final Score: 9.5/10

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