Composers that you think are legendary.



Hello everyone, and welcome back to my esteemed blogs.  There is a huge selection of video game soundtracks out there that are deemed as legendary.  That being said, I wanted to know what composer you think is legendary, and what specific work deems him or her the title of legendary?  




I really look forward to hearing your opinions.  Thank you for reading and be sure to follow my blog.  




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Social media fanatic and big time gamer. Love gaming, anime and the field of marketing and I am always in constant activities in the marketing field. I a physically active person staying in shape at the gym...yeah i'm a little gym freak. Be sure to follow my blog for all the latest reviews.

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  1. Hello my friend. Thought I would come and visit your blog and comment. I’m not quite sure who the composer is…. but the theme song that most comes to my mind is the super mario brothers from the original nintendo system. That song still to this day after so many years still echos through my mind like it was yesterday. Wow has video gaming come a loooooong way.

    Oh tall one

    • Hello my friend and thanks for your feedback. I believe the composer you are referring to is Konji Kondo. He is indeed a legend in the video game music industry. He is also responsible for The Legend Of Zelda, and Punch Out. Thanks for reading and be sure to follow my blog oh tall one.


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