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Persona 4 The Animation Review

ImageWelcome back everyone to my esteemed blog.  I apologize for the procrastination of this particular review, but I wanted to view this series in it’s entirety before putting my two cents in.  Persona 4 has been called one of the best RPG’s of all time for it’s characters, amazing story, battle system, and of course it’s amazing soundtrack compliments of Shoji Meguro.  Now Persona 4 has been brought back again into a full animated series.  Does Persona 4 The Animation do justice for the already amazing gaming franchise?  Let’s review.

For those of you who are unaware of the story, it focuses on the protagonist Yu Narukami who travels from the big city to the small village of Inaba, where he stays with his Uncle Dojima and his daughter Nanako for the school year while his parents are abroad.  In the village of Inaba there is an urban legend that many have believed to be true.  The legend says if you watch a blank television screen at midnight on a rainy day, you will see your true love on the screen.  They call it the midnight channel.  This story takes a deadly twist when a string of unsolved murders occur.  This is where the story of Persona 4 begins.


While Yu goes to school he comes upon an interesting group of friends that come together and decide to solve the mystery of the Inaba murders with the help of their Personas.  I know that many of you already know the story behind Persona 4, but for those who have been oblivious to this game, i won’t go into too much detail as it may spoil the experience and mystery.


From the moment you play episode one, you will instantly feel joy as this series follows the video game 100 percent!  Shoji Meguro’s magical soundtrack accompanies this amazing animated series along with some new amazing songs.  The original character voices from the video game also return to keep that nostalgic feeling.

After watching both blu-ray sets (also available on DVD) I felt absolutely satisfied with this series and confirmed that it was definitely worth every penny.  If you are a persona fanatic, and have not yet seen this animated series…well…what are you waiting for?  Don’t miss out on this amazing animated series that does justice for an amazing game.

Final Score: 10/10