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Upcoming Titles To Look Out For!

Welcome back everyone to my esteemed blog.  It’s been an idle couple of weeks, mainly due to the preparation of my Clicker costume for ACEN next month.  There is also work and the gym that seem to intervene.  That being said, it’s time to keep the gaming news and reviews going.

Many gamers I assume have had their hands busy with several new titles, including Dark Souls 2, Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD Remaster, and Bravely Default.  I’m here to give you an update on what’s coming up in the next few months.  Without further adieu, let us begin.

Three games on the radar:


Conception 2:  This is a unique dungeon-crawler RPG from the creators of Persona.  It’s a rather unique title, one that will be next on my to review list.  If you’re familiar with Persona 4, then you will definitely have to check this out!  Conception 2 launches April 15th for the Vita and 3DS.



Child of Light:  Ubisoft is bringing a visually stunning RPG entitled Child of Light available for digital download on PS3, PS4, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Xbox 360 at the end of this month.  It is literally an interactive poem that you are in control of.  You play as Aurora a princess on a quest to restore the lost sources of light from the sun, moon, and stars-and put an end to the culprit, the black queen.  Child of Light is available for download on April 30th.



The Last of Us Remastered:  Yes folks, the game that won 200 game of the year awards is now being remastered exclusively for the Playstation 4.  The Last of Us Remastered will be brought in 1080p with better character models, shadows and backgrounds, and the complete expansion sets, including Left Behind.  It is scheduled for release this summer, but no exact release date has yet been given.

We have quite a few games to look forward to this spring and summer, so start planning on breaking your piggy banks over the next few months.  I will definitely be reviewing these games upon their release so stay tuned, and as always-thanks for your continued support and spread the word about my blog.  Happy Gaming!


Persona 4 The Animation Review

ImageWelcome back everyone to my esteemed blog.  I apologize for the procrastination of this particular review, but I wanted to view this series in it’s entirety before putting my two cents in.  Persona 4 has been called one of the best RPG’s of all time for it’s characters, amazing story, battle system, and of course it’s amazing soundtrack compliments of Shoji Meguro.  Now Persona 4 has been brought back again into a full animated series.  Does Persona 4 The Animation do justice for the already amazing gaming franchise?  Let’s review.

For those of you who are unaware of the story, it focuses on the protagonist Yu Narukami who travels from the big city to the small village of Inaba, where he stays with his Uncle Dojima and his daughter Nanako for the school year while his parents are abroad.  In the village of Inaba there is an urban legend that many have believed to be true.  The legend says if you watch a blank television screen at midnight on a rainy day, you will see your true love on the screen.  They call it the midnight channel.  This story takes a deadly twist when a string of unsolved murders occur.  This is where the story of Persona 4 begins.


While Yu goes to school he comes upon an interesting group of friends that come together and decide to solve the mystery of the Inaba murders with the help of their Personas.  I know that many of you already know the story behind Persona 4, but for those who have been oblivious to this game, i won’t go into too much detail as it may spoil the experience and mystery.


From the moment you play episode one, you will instantly feel joy as this series follows the video game 100 percent!  Shoji Meguro’s magical soundtrack accompanies this amazing animated series along with some new amazing songs.  The original character voices from the video game also return to keep that nostalgic feeling.

After watching both blu-ray sets (also available on DVD) I felt absolutely satisfied with this series and confirmed that it was definitely worth every penny.  If you are a persona fanatic, and have not yet seen this animated series…well…what are you waiting for?  Don’t miss out on this amazing animated series that does justice for an amazing game.

Final Score: 10/10

Bioshock Infinite Review: This Columbia ain’t no vacation spot!

BioshockInfinite_HeroWelcome back dear friends to another edition of the gaming angel.  Sorry for putting this up late in the game, but I attended a recent midnight launch of what is the most anticipated first person shooter of 2013.  I was completely consumed by this newest addition to the Bioshock series.  Yes ladies and gents, I am referring to Bioshock Infinite for the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 gaming consoles.  This newest edition to the Bioshock franchise has a lot of high expectations to live up to.  Now the question remains does this sequel live up to it’s predecessors?  Read on to find out.

Graphics:  Bioshock Infinite is beautiful from the moment the game begins.  The world of Columbia is a sky world that is beautifully drawn and presented.  Character animations are fluid and crisp and the adversaries that inhabit the world are just as stunning.  The watercolor paint outlook of the areas are beautifully mixed and I can assure you that you will be numbed  by the incredible beauty of this game.  I found myself being constantly distracted by stopping my gameplay progression to look around and enjoy the amazing scenery.  Score: 10/10

Gameplay:  Along with Bioshock’s Infinite beauty, it is also a FPS (First Person Shooter).  The mechanics of Bioshock Infinite are among the best in any FPS.  The enemy AI is very impressive with foes bobbing, weaving, and dodging if they spot you and try to attack you.  Booker (the main character) utilizes everything from pistols and machine guns, to RPG’s and even Volley Guns.  The vigors are also very impressive, and with the help of ingesting salts, Booker can learn new vigors and recharge his salt meter when it becomes drained.  The skyline combat is literally a joy to experience.  I found myself killing hordes of enemies with skyline strikes.  There are two elements in Bioshock that truly make the game stand heads above the crowd.  The characters (Booker, and Elizabeth)  and the story.  Booker begins at first glance looking like a normal bounty hunter trying to retrieve a girl (Elizabeth) to erase his debt, but as he travels with Elizabeth, he develops emotional feelings towards her as he learns more and more about her past.  Elizabeth is a complex character with a backstory that is truly shocking when her true identity is discovered.  Elizabeth’s perky and sometimes rebellious tough attitude seem to blend beautifully with Booker’s tough guy demeanor.  The storyline is just as captivating, with a good pace and a climax that literally left me shocked and speechless (in a good way).  Score: 10/10  

Sound:  The musical score is absolutely stunning, climactic battle music combined with nostalgic 1912 music, and an excellent voice cast with Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper taking the helm as Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth.  Score:  10/10

If you have already played the previous Bioshocks and have not given this game a try, then I give this the utmost recommendations.  If you have not played Bioshock and want a reason to visit Rapture, then spend some time in Columbia.  You won’t regret it.

Final Score:  10/10

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Tomb Raider Review: Exploration, adventure, and a sexy heroine resurrected!

ImageHappy St. Patrick’s Holiday to all of my dear readers.  Welcome back to my esteemed blog.  We have seen several video game franchises make several attempts at returning to the spotlight of their glory days (Duke Nukem, Splatterhouse).  Unfortunately, these attempts have failed miserably, and have only succeeded in damaging the franchise’s reputation.

Now another franchise has made an attempt at a divine resurrection.  Lara Croft became the sexiest video game character ever with the release of Tomb Raider for the Playstation 1 in 1996.  Since 2003 Tomb Raider seemed to fade out and most people considered the franchise to be extinct.  Crystal Dynamics had other plans for the series however.  They have completely redesigned Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider franchise in it’s entirety.  So, does Tomb Raider have what it takes to make it’s way back into the spotlight?  Let’s find out.

Graphics:  Anyone who is familiar with the Tomb Raider series will instantly notice how beautiful the game is, not to mention Lara Croft’s makeover.  The environments are very lush and detailed, and whenever Lara suffers an injury you will instantly notice the effort that was put into the beautiful details of the character and environments.  Score: 9.5/10

Sound:  The musical score is very well done, and fits the scenario of each location and situation within the Tomb Raider world.  Jason Graves, who is best known for his work in the Dead Space series does a fantastic job of creating the right music for the right situation.  The voice acting is also very well done with Camilla Luddington leading the way as the voice of Lara Croft.  Score: 9.5/10

Gameplay:  Fans of Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted will feel right at home with Tomb Raider.  The gameplay mechanics have the same stealthy tactical mechanics and action packed gun, and arrow shooting as both game franchises.  Real-time situations and environmental dangers will have you thinking quick on your feet.  The storyline is also intriguing and told through cut-scenes, and in game voice dialogue throughout the adventure.  Score: 9.5/10 

Issues:  The only issue that I have with this title is the multiplayer.  While it was a cute attempt to add a little more variety to the game, it fails miserably.  The multiplayer is very dull and pointless to say the least.  While gamers might be entertained with this for the first hour or so, the interest will die very quickly.

Tomb Raider has made a huge return to the gaming spotlight in a big way.  Lara Croft is back, sexier, stronger, and with more attitude than ever before.

Final Score:  9.5/10

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Future Project-Should I go for it?

Hello everyone and welcome back to my esteemed blog.  I suppose I should explain the recent hiatus.  October was a very difficult month for me.  My family and I had a memorial service for my cousin who was murdered at his own birthday party.  Then of course my company had their annual conference which really sucked up a lot of my time.  However I promise to try and post updates and reviews at least once a week.

Now on to the subject at hand.  I notice that a lot of people on YouTube post these videos called IPATs or LPATs, or WPAT’s in which they tape themselves playing video games both current and nostalgic with funny or crude commentary.  I’ve been contemplating whether I should begin uploading some commentary videos.  I would love to hear your opinion on this matter.  Please send your feedback, I really appreciate it.  As always, thank you for reading my blog and be sure to follow.  I will give this post about two weeks before I tally the results and make my decision.  Tune in next time when I review Halo 4!  Til then!


Resident Evil 6 Review: Can you survive?

ImageHello, and welcome back to my esteemed blog.  I feel very repetitive in apologizing for my brief idleness in the past few weeks, but as you know, when you start a new job you have to dedicate a lot of time to it.  Rejoice though, for I am back with more gaming goodness.

Survival horror is a genre of video gaming that seemed to disappear over the years.  Thankfully Dead Space revived the genre in a terrifying way.  What about other franchises that were the trailblazers for survival horror?  Resident Evil is a shining example of the question “what happened to this franchise genre”.  The series has turned its back on the main element that made the franchise so amazing, this is element is the survival horror.  So here we have Resident Evil 6, and the question looming through everyone’s mind is, does this newest installment resurrect the survival horror element?

Graphics: The presentation of Resident Evil is amazing!  The character models are very well done and the environments are top notch and somewhat massive.  The eye candy will impress you guaranteed.    Score: 8.5/10

Sound:  The musical score is very well done and fits each scenario and location.  The voice work is among the best I have ever experienced since the god awful voice acting in the original Resident Evil.  The creepy eerie sounds of the zombies make a huge return to the franchise.  This is indeed a great soundtrack addition to the series.  Score: 8.5/10

Gameplay: Fans of Resident Evil 4, 5, and Gears of War will feel right at home with Resident Evil 6.  The gameplay is smooth with excellent real time scenarios where quickness is paramount.  The story of Resident Evil is not only epic, but one of the best in the series.  The online co-op capability of Resident Evil 6 are amazing, addictive, and really puts your teamwork skills to the test.  At one point, I found myself wanting to play with my friends online, and not so much the solo-campaign.   Score: 9.5/10

Issues: Upon playing this new installment I noticed something that is really lacking in this game which is consistency.  It tries to include three different elements and mesh it into one single element unfortunately it ends of backfiring at times.  For example, when playing Leon’s scenario it brings the essence of the original survival horror elements of the original Resident Evil.  When you play Chris Redfield’s Scenario it feels like you’re playing a straight up shoot em out Gears of War like title.  While it’s not a bad thing for most gamers out there like me, other fans of the series may feel a bit confused by this inconsistent switching of gameplay.

Final Score: 9/10

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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review: Tag teaming never looked so good.

ImageHello fellow gamers and welcome to another edition of the gaming angel.  Before we begin, I would like to apologize to my followers out there for the long hiatus, but there was a few factors that kept me distracted from keeping my fellow gamers updated with the latest and greatest in gaming goodness.  First off, I started a new job shortly after graduating from college, which I am very thankful for especially in today’s economy. There was also a series of unfortunate family issues which demanded my immediate attention, so again to all of you, I apologize.  Anyhow, it has been over a decade since Tekken Tag Tournament was released for the Playstation 2 console.  Now the sequel has arrived, however does it exceed over it’s predecessor?

Graphics:  From the moment you insert the disc, the graphics blow you away.  Character details are well developed and animation is clean and crisp.  The backgrounds are robust and eye popping.  The CG cutscenes are very high quality as well.  Keep in mind, characters have CG cutscene endings.  So, there are a good number of CG scenes, all of which are great.  Score: 9.5/10

Sound: The traditional sounds of Tekken make a huge return.  Different genres of music and the ability to upload custom tunes via the Tekken Tunes option is an excellent addition.  Sound: 8.5/10

Gameplay:  Veterans of Tekken will be all but too familiar with the huge arsenal of moves and combination capabilities that have made Tekken so legendary.  Controls are smooth and responsive.  The new menu options are extremely vast and giving each character his or her own ending will keep players coming back to see them all.  The online mode is pretty much similar to Tekken 6’s online mode.  Novice players will be investing a lot of time in mastering the combos and techniques for the characters, but practice makes for a deadly adversary.  Score: 9.5/10

Issues: One critic complained massively about the menu and as a result gave the game a less than worthy review.  I’m sure Namco was focusing on a lot more than merely the menu option.  I personally had no trouble navigating this menu screen.  So don’t be fooled by the critics that complain about this.

TTT2 is probably one of the best fighting games out there.  There is more than enough to keep you entertained for MANY HOURS to come.  So strap on your controller and prove you’re man or woman enough to conquer the Iron Fist Tournament!!!

Final Score: 9.5/10

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Dust An Elysian Tale Review: Another stealth hit makes it’s way to XBOX Live Arcade.

Hello cats and kittens, and welcome back to my esteemed blog.  As many of you already know by now, I have been giving my XBOX some good attention as of late.  However, recently I was playing some old Sega CD games and played through a classic platformer RPG called Popful Mail.  I always wondered if another title like this would ever grace us again.  Then as I was browsing through XBOX Live arcade I noticed a title that caught my eye called Dust An Elysian Tale.  The artwork was very similar to that of past Vanillaware titles, so naturally I was hooked.  So does this title deserve recognition and praise?  Read on to find out.

Graphics:  From the moment you dive into this game the graphics blow you away.  The animation is smooth and crisp.  The backgrounds are simply beautiful in design, and the character designs have a Muramasa the Demon Blade type of feel to them.  They get cuter with each encounter, plus your character is a bunny rabbit.  Score: 9/10

Gameplay:  For those of you wishing for an amazing gameplay experience look no further.  The controls are smooth and the combat is quick and stylish.  If you love hack and slash this is right up your alley.   You have RPG elements such as leveling up your character, equipment, potions, and forging new equipment.  The story of Dust is simply amazing, while most titles focus on soulless polish as opposed to beauty in a story, Dust achieves both very well.                 Score: 10/10

Sound:  A beautiful musical score and equally amazing voice cast.  You couldn’t ask for anything more.  Score: 9/10

Issues:  Even though there are four difficulty levels and hidden secrets to find, the only issue some might have is with the bosses.  The bosses are not big and climactic, and they are not challenging in the least.  This does not hinder the rest of this amazing package.

Final Score: 9.5/10

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Persona 4 Arena Review: Fighting and RPG beautifully combined.

Hello everyone, and welcomed back to my esteemed blog.  For quite some time I have been praying for a fighting game that would have more to it than just kill the opponent.  I prayed for something with a little more depth.  Atlus and Arc System Works have thankfully answered my prayers with the new collaborated title Persona 4 Arena.

Graphics:  From the moment you turn the game on the graphics and anime cutscenes never fail to impress.  The animation is clean and crisp and the in game graphics are smooth.  A definite 2D fighter gem.  Score: 9/10

Gameplay: Keep in mind folks, this is not a fighting game where the only objective is beat, smash, and kill senselessly.  This fighting game actually has a very in depth story to it.  Don’t expect to beat this in a day with all the characters.  The story takes place two months after the Inaba murder mysteries in Persona 4.  The fighting engine is clean and fast paced.  The new quick combo feature is a nice way for beginners to dive right in without the intimidation of those tournament level pros.          Score: 9.5/10

Sound:  Shoji Meguro does a good job of blending in some classic tracks from Persona 3 and 4, along with a few remixes.  I can’t get the Arena version of Reach Out to The Truth out of my head.  Score: 9.5/10

Final Score: 9.5/10


A title that deserves an HD re-release


Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog.  I hope your 4th of July festivities were fun and safe.  I have noticed a recent string of HD re-releases that have been released or are in the works for the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 gaming consoles.  One title stuck out in my mind, and I thought I should share this insight with you.  The title that I think deserves a reboot in high definition is Shining Force 3.  This title was released for the Sega Saturn near the end of it’s life cycle in 1997.  This was by far the most revolutionary strategy RPG of it’s time next to Dragon Force, also for the Sega Saturn.

Sadly, Shining Force 3 consisted of three scenarios, but only scenario one was ported to the United States leaving many fans of the series on a cliff hanger to this very day.  The Sega Saturn died shortly after it’s release.  I believe that porting all three scenarios translated in one collective HD package would not only benefit Sega in the long run, but bring a smile to a lot of long time faithful Sega fans.  What are your thoughts everyone?  Please share this blog with your friends.  Maybe we can get a petition started to ask for this HD re-release of a timeless classic.