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Persona 4 Arena: The RPG franchise turned fighting game.

Hello andImage welcome to my esteemed video game blogs.  This was just a little bit of info for some of you Shin Megami Tensei fans out there.  Atlus has announced a release date of August 2012 for Persona 4 Arena for the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 game console.  P4A is a fighting game from Atlus in collaboration with Arc System Works, the company responsible for the BlazBlue series.  It features mainly characters and villains from the Persona 4 RPG.

For fighting fans out there who love the Persona series and vice versa, this game is definitely worth a pick up.

Click here to watch a video of the gameplay footage.

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Tales of Graces F Review. A legend still stands strong

When the XBOX 36Image0 got an exclusive release of Tales of Vesperia a few years back, playstation fans felt cheated that PS3 never received an official Tales game.  Fear not tales fans, Namco has officially released Tales of Graces F for the Playstation 3 two weeks ago.  So does this title satisfy the needs of JRPG fans out there?  Read on to find out.



Graphics:  The graphics of graces are decently polished but not to the standards of fans who only look for polish in a game.  The character designs are of the best anime quality and the worlds although bland at times are still unique in their own way.  Score: 8/10


Sound:  The musical score of Tales of Graces is nothing to write home about.  Some tracks are catchy but a lot of the music sounds rather outdated at times.  I found tracks from the original Tales of Destiny more memorable thanTales of Graces.  Voiceovers are not too bad, but some of them can be hit or miss.  Score: 7/10


Gameplay:  This is where Tales of Graces shines strongest.  The battle system is intuitive and keeps you on your toes.  The multiplayer option makes it easy for anyone to join in the monster slaying action.  Lots of artes and skills to learn and use in combat.  Score: 9.5/10


Issues: In the beginning half of graces you will find yourself backtracking through similar areas a whole lot.  Besides this and the subpar soundtrack Tales of Graces is an overall solid JRPG.  Any fan who is in dire need of a classic JRPG should definitely add Tales of Graces to their library.  You won’t be disappointed.

Final Score: 8/10

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Silent Hill Downpour: A great series that has ultimately been drained.


Hello everyone and welcome back to my esteemed blogs.  Today we are looking at the eighth installment of the Silent Hill franchise.  So what everyone is trying to know is, does this title bring back the franchise to its fame and glory?  Keep in mind this is the third Silent Hill title that has been completely done by American developers (Vasta Games to be exact) which leaves a lot of fans in a skeptical mindset about this title.

Graphics:  The graphics of Downpour are Mediocre to say the least.  There are some nice background settings here and there, and the transition scenes to the otherworld are as freaky as they come, but it just doesn’t make up for the lack of quality graphics, character, and monster development that should be present in a Silent Hill title. Score: 6.5/10

Sound:  For a Silent Hill title this soundtrack fails in many areas.  The soundtrack is nowhere near as impressive as the first three titles.  The voice acting is hit or miss, and in my opinion Korn has no place in a Silent Hill title that Mary Elizabeth McGlynn has been part of since the beginning.  Score: 5/10

Gameplay:  Vasta is a company that has just begun its climb up the gaming mountain, and unfortunately they are not off to a great start.  The gameplay in Downpour is among the worst.  They make an attempt at going back to the original roots of Silent Hill in terms of the protagonist’s fighting abilities.  Unfortunately the combat is too sluggish and at times very uncoordinated.  The melee weapons are plentiful, but have very low durability, and you will often find yourself scrambling to find another weapon to fend off one or several monsters.  The firearms are rare as is the ammunition.  The open world approach to Silent Hill may be appealing to fetch quest addicts, but there are no fulfilling rewards good enough to keep players glued to the fetch quests.  Score: 4/10

Issues:  Konami needs to wake up and bring this game back to the original Japanese developers.  That, or have a little peyote go on a vision quest and ultimately figure out what made Silent Hill so great.  This is among the worst installments of the series, and longtime fans like myself will eventually turn our backs on the series.  Hopefully Konami will take this review to heart along with the many other negative reviews, sit with their people and figure out a way to revive this amazing franchise that is already on life support.

Final Score 5/10

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Street FIghter X Tekken Review: Are you prepared?

Hello everybody, I apologize once again for the delay, but final exams and term papers have consumed my life in the past week.  That part of my life however is over and I passed my finals with A’s and B’s, and now the blogging can continue.  

The cross over has happened.  Just this past Tuesday when Capcom unleashed Street Fighter Cross Tekken for the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 gaming consoles.  So now the question is, does this crossover fighter have what it takes?


Graphics:  Among the best in quality.  The cel-shade like graphics along with the lush backgrounds bring this game to eye candy standards.  Score:9/10

Gameplay:  The gameplay is definitely top notch.  While it may take some time for players to get used to the tag team and gem system, that all fades away once you memorize it.  This isn’t hard by any means. There are of course a few lagging hiccups here and there in terms of online gameplay, but it never hinders the fighting experience.  Score: 9/10

Sound:  The soundtrack is really nothing to write home about.  There are a few catchy tunes here and there, but nothing nearly as memorable and amazing as Super Street Fighter 4.  Score: 7.5/10

Issues:  The only issue that bothered me with this title were the hiccups and lagging that occasionally occurred when playing online.  Other than that, this is a pretty solid game overall.

Final Score: 9/10

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Street Fighter X Tekken. Tonight is the night.



As many of you probably know Street Fighter X Tekken will be released at midnight tonight in various Gamestop locations throughout the United States.  So the question is are you ready for the Cross?  This game in my opinion is going to be the best, and will definitely put itself on top of the fighting game mountain.  Featuring a nice lineup of characters and extra modes like online features, and enhancement gems.  This will be a fighting game that will be a fan favorite for quite a while.  Mass Effect 3 also comes out on the same night…how can you beat that?  Tune in tomorrow for my thorough review of Street Fighter X Tekken.  Thanks for reading everyone.  Be sure to follow my blog!