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If you’re a gaming fan who wants to see a good show inspired by a video game, then read this!

Welcome back dear readers to another edition of the Gaming Angel.  Over the years there have been many movie adaptations based on best selling video game titles.  Unfortunately, these adaptations have not been the best in the box office.  I share a few titles as an example:

-Super Mario Bros.
-Double Dragon
-Mortal Kombat- The sequel, the original was not too bad.
-Silent Hill- While the original was not too unbearable, Revelation however damaged the franchise to a point of no redemption.

So everyone is wondering if any film directors and writers will get it right.  Well fear not dear friends for there may be hope.  

Machinima has been posting shows inspired by video games, and it has created such a huge buzz in the gaming community.  They have a YouTube page with over 18 million views on their videos.  Take a look at this video of Mortal Kombat Legacy.

Let me know what games you would like to see developed into shows by Machinima.  As always your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.  Be sure to follow my blog folks and again thank you so much for your continued support.




Silent Hill Revelations 3D Update

ImageGood afternoon everyone and welcome back to my esteemed blog.  For those of you who were able to attend this years Comicon in California, you’re probably aware that there was a panel discussion with the actors of the upcoming film Silent Hill Revelations 3D.  At long last the trailer and film release date have been confirmed.  Silent Hill Revelations 3D will have a trailer released this Friday, and the film itself is schedule to be in theaters October 26.  Check out the footage that was displayed including everyone’s favorite slashing nurses.  

I know the original film got mixed reviews, but seeing as how I enjoyed the first film, I will be first in line to see how this sequel pans out.  What are your thoughts about this?

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