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Rainbow Moon review: A surprising RPG Experience.


Hello everyone, and with the approach of another weekend brings another edition of The Gaming Angel blog.  This time around we will take a look at an RPG exclusively for the Playstation Network entitled Rainbow Moon.  Rainbow Moon is a strategy RPG developed by Sidequest Studios.  It focuses more on depth, exploration, and dungeon crawling level grinding fun.  Does this anticipated title fit the bill for RPG fanatics like myself?  Read on to find out.

Graphics:  The graphics are pretty impressive for a downloadable title.  The worlds are pretty, however the character models are nothing to write home about.  Overall pretty decent for a PSN download title.     Score: 7.5/10

Sound: There are a few quirky “hi” sounds when interacting with townspeople along with some “Hyaah” sounds for attacks.  The soundtrack actually surprised me.  There a few noteworthy tracks in this game.  Don’t be fooled because of it being a PSN downloadable game.  Score: 8/10

Gameplay: Here is where this game truly shines it’s talents.  The depth of this game is insane.  I am 41 hours into this game and have not even begun to scratch the surface of how much content this game has.  The combat system is pretty smooth and straightforward.  Customizable armor weapons and stats through the acquiring of certain items, tons of missions, level grinding goodness, and trophies to obtain makes this a great investment for any RPG fan out there.  Score: 9.5/10

Issues:  For someone like myself who values story first thing above anything in an RPG, I was disappointed with the poor story of Rainbow Moon.  The story pretty much puts your protagonist in a situation where he is involuntarily thrown into another world, and embarks on this perilous quest to save this world while finding his way home.  The story does very little to progress from that point on.  The AI of the enemies is also kind of suspect.  There is no real strategy to battles unlike that of Growlanser Generations or Final Fantasy Tactics.  It’s kind of a downer for me that Rainbow Moon’s story is not very in-depth as any RPG that is out there, but it doesn’t hinder the gameplay experience.

Final Thoughts:  Rainbow Moon is a definite must buy for anyone who loves RPG’s. This title emphasizes on strictly character development, exploring locations, and battling ferocious fiends, and with a price tag of $15.00 you can’t miss with Rainbow Moon.  

Final Score: 9/10