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A title that deserves an HD re-release


Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog.  I hope your 4th of July festivities were fun and safe.  I have noticed a recent string of HD re-releases that have been released or are in the works for the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 gaming consoles.  One title stuck out in my mind, and I thought I should share this insight with you.  The title that I think deserves a reboot in high definition is Shining Force 3.  This title was released for the Sega Saturn near the end of it’s life cycle in 1997.  This was by far the most revolutionary strategy RPG of it’s time next to Dragon Force, also for the Sega Saturn.

Sadly, Shining Force 3 consisted of three scenarios, but only scenario one was ported to the United States leaving many fans of the series on a cliff hanger to this very day.  The Sega Saturn died shortly after it’s release.  I believe that porting all three scenarios translated in one collective HD package would not only benefit Sega in the long run, but bring a smile to a lot of long time faithful Sega fans.  What are your thoughts everyone?  Please share this blog with your friends.  Maybe we can get a petition started to ask for this HD re-release of a timeless classic.