Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars Review: Bundles of Joy


Welcome back friends to my esteemed blog.  It has been quite the active time in the gaming world with so many anticipated titles coming out. I must apologize again for the delayed blog postings, but I recently completed this title and currently working on Child of Light for my next review. 

This time around, we are going to take a look at a new dungeon-crawling turn-based RPG from Atlus—Conception 2: Children of the Seven Stars for the Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.  I am going to review this title from an objective point-of-view.  Conception 2 is a title developed by Spike Chunsoft, developers of 999 and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. So, how does this newest RPG stand up? Read on to find out more.


Story: The story of Conception 2 puts you in the typical role of somewhat silent protagonist, Wake Archus (default name)—a teenage boy growing up in a world infested by demons. Wake discovers the mark of the star god on his hand after a horrible demon attack takes the life of his sister on her wedding day. Wake then decides to attend a school that trains other youths with the star god markings. Demons gather in these nests called “dusk circles”. It’s here that Conception 2’s journey begins.

In the midst of your training it is discovered that you (Wake) have an overwhelming amount of ether within your body that allows you and your female classmates to enter the dusk circles and clean house.

In your training you meet seven different female classmates that you can perform a ritual called “classmating” to create star children. Just so everyone is aware, it’s not the type of mating that you think. You simply hold hands with these S-Ranking classmates and create these children using items called matryoshka dolls. It’s here that the dungeon crawling journey begins.  You journey to these dusk circles (dungeons) to clear out the infestations, gather treasures, and eventually confront the boss of each dusk circle.  It’s a typical RPG storyline in a nutshell.  Score: 8/10    


Graphics: The graphical quality of Conception 2 can be hit or miss at times. The character models are pretty fair in design. Some of the dungeons are creative, while others just an eyesore. The anime character design is pretty well done, and the in game characters and monsters are pretty good, as far as design quality goes. Fans of Persona 3 and 4 will feel right at home with the graphics and artwork.  Score: 7.5/10

Sound: Masato Koda brings forth a rather trendy soundtrack for Conception 2. The battle theme is pretty catchy, along with other well thought up tunes. The voice work turned out more impressive than I had hoped. It’s definitely a toe-tapping soundtrack, especially where the battle theme is concerned.  Score: 8/10

Gameplay:  This is the bread and butter of Conception 2. The dungeon exploration is very much similar to Persona 3 and 4. You explore these dusk circles (dungeons) in an attempt to neutralize the dusk spawn, (dungeon boss) and sterilize the circle. Before embarking on your quest, you must utilize the help of one of your female companions by creating star children to help you in battle. At birth, you select the class of your star child.

The battle system seems simple at first, but there are numerous points—especially in the optional dungeons where the difficulty spike is very noticeable. You are placed in three teams, consisting of you and your female companion (mom and dad), and the other two teams consisting of three star children per team. When fighting, you basically surround one enemy in a circle like formation—choosing a side you wish to attack the enemy from. There are standard attacks and weak points depending on which side you attack the enemy from. It’s simplistic, but a challenging strategic element.  Score: 8.5/10


Final thoughts: Conception 2 has been criticized as being a rip-off of Persona 4. We have to remember that Atlus (creators of Persona) released this game. So, if they aren’t making a fuss, or throwing out any lawsuits—why should anyone else make a big deal about it?  This game is definitely worth picking up. Don’t be deceived by all the biased critics out there, if you’re looking for a good time consuming RPG—then give Conception 2 a go.

Final Score:  8/10


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