Gaming Updates!

Welcome back dear readers to my amazing blog.  I do apologize for the hiatus, but there were circumstances beyond my control that literally consumed my time.  Nevertheless, I have returned to give you more gaming blogging goodness.

I have a few updates that I wanted to inform my fellow readers about:

1.  Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse HD Remake


This was quite a shocker to find out.  I was huge fan of this game growing up.  From the details I have been able to uncover, this is being developed by the same development team of the original game.  I am personally excited about this remake.  It is scheduled for a summer release for XBOX Live, PSN, and PC.  There is no price as of yet.

2.  Playstation All Stars Battle Royale…what happened to it?


For those of you who are not aware, Sony has angered a lot of people (myself included) by releasing numerous patches and updates that nerfs characters to the point of unplayability simply because unskilled players online complain and whine on the forums.  Sackboy is a great example of this case matter.  Although a complex character, Sackboy could be devastating if you could master his unorthodox techniques.  People complained about his techniques charging his super meter too quickly.  So what does Sony do?  They release an update with a patch to make him not only slow in his technique execution, but weak in generating his super moves meter.  I think Sony should have left this game alone and not be so easily intimidated by the mindless whining of people who simply are unskilled and blame the game and creators for their inept gaming abilities.  The updates in my opinion have done more damage to this game than good.  What are your thoughts?

3. YS Celceta Sea of Trees coming to North America


The Playstation Vita has not been doing very well in North America, hopefully this title will give it a little oomph.  Ys Celceta Sea of Trees, which is a remake of YS 4 is coming stateside this fall.  I will definitely be looking forward to this title.  

Are there any updates or issues you want to discuss?  Leave me your feedback, and as always be sure to follow my blog, and see you next time.





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