Playstation All Stars Battle Royale Review: Beat em up goodness, Sony style!

ImageHello everyone and welcome back to my blog!  Things at the office have been winding down and my Thanksgiving was very full of joy, and I hope the same for all of my fellow gamers out there.  For this reason I have been idle and I apologize, but fear not, for I have a double dose of blogging goodness for everyone.

We all know about the beat em up franchise that Nintendo has with the Smash Brothers series.  Well this time around Sony is bringing their version of the beat em up franchise to the table with the release of Playstation All Stars Battle Royale.  I was very excited about this title and finally I have played this title and finally have my review for all of you.

Graphics:  From the moment you turn this game on, it completely sucks you in.  The intro is amazing and it pumps you up for the experience.  The backgrounds are lush and very well executed based on numerous Playstation game worlds from God of War to Jak and Daxter.  The character roster is very impressive 20 character selection.  There are other characters that will be available for download in the very near future, one of which I know of from sources is Kat from Gravity Rush.  Score: 9/10

Gameplay: The gameplay is smooth and impressive.  Smash Brothers veterans will feel right at home with this title.  While Smash Brothers’ objective was to beat your opponent in order to raise their percentage rate and knock them off the screen, Battle Royale is much different. The objective is to simply beat your opponent to raise your super meter and when it’s charged up (level 1-3) then you use your leveled super technique to knock your opponent(s) off the screen.  Numerous trophies to acquire and different challenges make this a title that will be playable for the holiday season and way beyond.    Score 9.5/10

Sound:  The musical score of Royale is top notch.  I can’t get the intro and character select theme out of my head.  The character voice overs make a valiant return for this amazing title.  A great barrel of ear candy all around.  Score: 9/10

Issues:  There are a few issues with online gameplay including occasional boots offline.  This will hopefully be fixed by Sony in time.

Final Score: 9/10

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  1. I second this blog! 😀 I do think the ranking system could use a little more work though but all in all the gameplay is outrageously addictive and fun.

  2. Also, the first two DLC characters to be released are Kat from Gravity Rush ” she comes with a new level and everything else all the pre released characters have “. Emmet from Starhawk ” he too comes with his own package of costumes and moves and he also comes with a new level as well “. The DLC from what I heard will be free for the first week of them being released to the gamers that already own the game.

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