Dust An Elysian Tale Review: Another stealth hit makes it’s way to XBOX Live Arcade.

Hello cats and kittens, and welcome back to my esteemed blog.  As many of you already know by now, I have been giving my XBOX some good attention as of late.  However, recently I was playing some old Sega CD games and played through a classic platformer RPG called Popful Mail.  I always wondered if another title like this would ever grace us again.  Then as I was browsing through XBOX Live arcade I noticed a title that caught my eye called Dust An Elysian Tale.  The artwork was very similar to that of past Vanillaware titles, so naturally I was hooked.  So does this title deserve recognition and praise?  Read on to find out.

Graphics:  From the moment you dive into this game the graphics blow you away.  The animation is smooth and crisp.  The backgrounds are simply beautiful in design, and the character designs have a Muramasa the Demon Blade type of feel to them.  They get cuter with each encounter, plus your character is a bunny rabbit.  Score: 9/10

Gameplay:  For those of you wishing for an amazing gameplay experience look no further.  The controls are smooth and the combat is quick and stylish.  If you love hack and slash this is right up your alley.   You have RPG elements such as leveling up your character, equipment, potions, and forging new equipment.  The story of Dust is simply amazing, while most titles focus on soulless polish as opposed to beauty in a story, Dust achieves both very well.                 Score: 10/10

Sound:  A beautiful musical score and equally amazing voice cast.  You couldn’t ask for anything more.  Score: 9/10

Issues:  Even though there are four difficulty levels and hidden secrets to find, the only issue some might have is with the bosses.  The bosses are not big and climactic, and they are not challenging in the least.  This does not hinder the rest of this amazing package.

Final Score: 9.5/10

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