Final Fantasy classic is being remastered to HD!

ImageHello everyone, and welcome back to my blog.  Since the release of the Playstation 3, fans have been crying and pleading with Square-Enix to produce a remake of Final Fantasy 7.  Square-Enix has been avoiding this subject matter for quite a while, but they are bringing back a classic Final Fantasy title to HD for the Playstation 3 and PS Vita.  The chosen title is Final Fantasy X.

I feel your frustration everyone.  Why Square-Enix is prioritizing other titles over a Final Fantasy 7 remake is beyond me.  I think a remake of Final Fantasy 7 will really boost sales for them immensely.  So ladies and gentleman gamers, there you have it the remastered version of Final Fantasy X.  It will be the same game, only a lot prettier.  Graphics output on Playstation 3 or the OLED screen on the PS Vita, which ever way you go, you’re in for one amazing replay of a classic RPG.

No release date is confirmed as of yet.  So, I guess we’ll just wait until we see it pop up on the PSN.  Thanks for reading my blog and be sure to leave comments and feedback.



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  1. Now this just tick’s me off >:|. FF -X was the first gayest FF made to date. That Final Fantasy was the birth place of all these other rediculous Final Fantasy games they are releaseing. Im sorry but RPG’s were born to be open world. Ever since the PS2 came out with these next Generation RPG’s. Role Playing hasnt been the same since, and i dont mean that in A good way. The last REAL good offline RPG i played was Lost Odyssey and that is the god’s honest truth. I have played and beaten all the Final Fantasy Games to date and this garbage isnt going to be HD. Just because the game case will say HD, it’s going to be just A re-released FF-X. Why? because Square Enix is nothing like Square Soft was, they are cheap and look for the fastest way’s to make money off of a classic title because they know the name will sell it to ignorant people. I refuse to buy it. They will not have my support. Maby if everyone else felt this way, it wuld force them to produce what is in demand………… the REAL classic Final Fantasy games 7,8, and 9.

    • I can’t help but agree with you on this aspect. Final Fantasy 9 marked the end of the Final Fantasy series in my opinion. After that Square-Enix (or Squeenix as I prefer to call them) became all about money and less about being true to the fans. I think the only company that still stays true to their fans is Atlus. The only thing that Final Fantasy 10 scored big on in my opinion was the story, other than that it was mere soulless polish.

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