Tales of Graces F Review. A legend still stands strong

When the XBOX 36Image0 got an exclusive release of Tales of Vesperia a few years back, playstation fans felt cheated that PS3 never received an official Tales game.  Fear not tales fans, Namco has officially released Tales of Graces F for the Playstation 3 two weeks ago.  So does this title satisfy the needs of JRPG fans out there?  Read on to find out.



Graphics:  The graphics of graces are decently polished but not to the standards of fans who only look for polish in a game.  The character designs are of the best anime quality and the worlds although bland at times are still unique in their own way.  Score: 8/10


Sound:  The musical score of Tales of Graces is nothing to write home about.  Some tracks are catchy but a lot of the music sounds rather outdated at times.  I found tracks from the original Tales of Destiny more memorable thanTales of Graces.  Voiceovers are not too bad, but some of them can be hit or miss.  Score: 7/10


Gameplay:  This is where Tales of Graces shines strongest.  The battle system is intuitive and keeps you on your toes.  The multiplayer option makes it easy for anyone to join in the monster slaying action.  Lots of artes and skills to learn and use in combat.  Score: 9.5/10


Issues: In the beginning half of graces you will find yourself backtracking through similar areas a whole lot.  Besides this and the subpar soundtrack Tales of Graces is an overall solid JRPG.  Any fan who is in dire need of a classic JRPG should definitely add Tales of Graces to their library.  You won’t be disappointed.

Final Score: 8/10

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