Silent Hill Downpour: A great series that has ultimately been drained.


Hello everyone and welcome back to my esteemed blogs.  Today we are looking at the eighth installment of the Silent Hill franchise.  So what everyone is trying to know is, does this title bring back the franchise to its fame and glory?  Keep in mind this is the third Silent Hill title that has been completely done by American developers (Vasta Games to be exact) which leaves a lot of fans in a skeptical mindset about this title.

Graphics:  The graphics of Downpour are Mediocre to say the least.  There are some nice background settings here and there, and the transition scenes to the otherworld are as freaky as they come, but it just doesn’t make up for the lack of quality graphics, character, and monster development that should be present in a Silent Hill title. Score: 6.5/10

Sound:  For a Silent Hill title this soundtrack fails in many areas.  The soundtrack is nowhere near as impressive as the first three titles.  The voice acting is hit or miss, and in my opinion Korn has no place in a Silent Hill title that Mary Elizabeth McGlynn has been part of since the beginning.  Score: 5/10

Gameplay:  Vasta is a company that has just begun its climb up the gaming mountain, and unfortunately they are not off to a great start.  The gameplay in Downpour is among the worst.  They make an attempt at going back to the original roots of Silent Hill in terms of the protagonist’s fighting abilities.  Unfortunately the combat is too sluggish and at times very uncoordinated.  The melee weapons are plentiful, but have very low durability, and you will often find yourself scrambling to find another weapon to fend off one or several monsters.  The firearms are rare as is the ammunition.  The open world approach to Silent Hill may be appealing to fetch quest addicts, but there are no fulfilling rewards good enough to keep players glued to the fetch quests.  Score: 4/10

Issues:  Konami needs to wake up and bring this game back to the original Japanese developers.  That, or have a little peyote go on a vision quest and ultimately figure out what made Silent Hill so great.  This is among the worst installments of the series, and longtime fans like myself will eventually turn our backs on the series.  Hopefully Konami will take this review to heart along with the many other negative reviews, sit with their people and figure out a way to revive this amazing franchise that is already on life support.

Final Score 5/10

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  1. Bummer, seems like a bit of a disappointment. Too bad team silent disbanded, the original series was exceptional.
    Great review!

    • Hello and thanks for your feedback. I have to agree with you. This installment is very disappointing indeed. The first three installments were nostalgic, and I still have them in my collection. I am always happy to hear from other fellow gamer bloggers out there. Be sure to follow my blog for more great reviews and insights. Thanks.


      • I completely agree with this Blog on Silent Hill Downpour. I am an avid Fan of the Silent Hill Series and can explain in depth detail of all the stories in relation to the original Silent Hill sixth sense. It shames me and offends me to think Vatra Games can release something so pathetic as this to Silent Hill lovers like me and expect us to be happy with it. To all those people that like Downpour, to each their own yeah but I am faithful to the classic interpretation of Silent Hill. Those people also must be complete noobs to the series seeing as they do not realize what Downpour is lacking. My complaint with Downpour wasnt the fighting, i was content with that. My biggest problem is that Silent Hill was A story that went across A religious line that other titles never had the balls to do. It wasnt the fact that Silent Hill was scary, it was that it was disturbing, every enemy symbolized something other than what it seemed. In Silent Hill 1, remember the Janitor you fight in the school? well it wasnt the Janitor himself you fight if you read the little notes throughout you will find that yes there was an actual rape of a little girl even in the game. The enemies in the world of Silent Hill were meant to be a physical manifestation of the town’s sin’s and that is what made them so disturbing. Silent Hill 2, alot of people dont realize the true story here, Henry Mason’s and his wife went on vacation to Silent Hill. She had an affair and that is why he see’s the hooker lady as his wife and thats why she looks like a slut, because after what she had done he seen her that way. She was never sick in health, Henry seen her as A perverse sick person and when they got back home he couldnt cope so he somethered her with A pillow case. He then pertains A voice of his dead wife in his head that she has written him A letter when she didnt, he wrote the letter telling him to come to Silent Hill. He has her body in the trunk of the car and you will know that by watching the drowning ending. He gets her to Silent Hill in hopes of using the demons power to revive her but when he does, its not really her. You will see that in the resurrection ending. Pyramid Head was created by Henry’s hate towards his wife, thats where the rape scene comes in, at some point Henry thought to himself ” maby Mary was raped?……….no”. Thats the reason why you have to keep Mary away from Pyramid Head when running. Technically Henry is replaying the past of things that already happened in his own head but only as he sees them. Until at the end of the game with the drowning ending Henry states Mary being in his trunk of the car and he drives it into the lake with the other Mary in the passenger seat. The little girl played the role of his regret, she got left behind in his sorrow. So he sees her as A lost child that Mary abandoned when Mary didnt Abandon her, Mary was murdered. Then there was Silent Hill 3 which brought Sharon back as a teenager. That is when it started making sense with the cult aspect of what happened and why. At the end of Silent Hill 3 Sharon fights her real mother after she swollows the stone and jumps in the whole. Then Silent Hill 4 which was my personal favorite seeing as it really pulled 1,2, and 3 together. It tells the story in which the origins of the cult began. Silent Hill Origins really didnt have much to do with the story, to much was changed but in all it was still good and worth playing. Homecoming i was very happy with especially their enemies and boss’s, again here the game is not scary, its disturbing and symbolic. The boss’s are the children that had been sacrificed. The little boy that was burried alive, the little girls that was cut into pieces and several others. When the main character accidently kills his younger brother, its his brother hes fighting at the end
        ” the pregnant chick with sharp spider legs”. Pyramid Head really has nothing to do with whats going on in this story, he was just put in it because he was such a horrific icon to the series in my opinion. Also thats the only reason Resident Evil brought in the big guy with an Axe into their game, was because of pyramid head. Im sorry but Resident Evil is A joke of A survival horror game. Then there was Downpour, this game has nothing scary nor disturbing about it. Nothing relates to anything and or has no meaning to something that has happened, its just A bunch of crap thrown together. I mean really the cop car? come on give me a break. The monsters having abilities? like the screamers when they paralyze you was pathetic and not scary at all. Silent Hill downpour has very little to offer in story, gameplay, and exploration. Even the puzzles were repetative ” figure out a combination”. I got the platinum trophy for it and im sorry but Downpour is a game that should never have been released or atleast didnt carry the silent hill title. Lets not forget who they replaced Pyramid Head with, the guy with the gas mask on who had nothing to do with anything and has a huge non blood stained hammer? really? Take that crap to a marvel game, us disturbed people want to see something that has a meaning behind it. Also the other world, there was no alternate world in this silent hill, a dream state maby? but even then when you go into that world its like going on a cheap haunted house ride at a carnival with cheap scary scenes cause your just running from something ” the void “. Some people said the void was his past that he was running? No thats crap, and if it was his past he was running from they could have done Silent Hill justice by making something more terrifying than a ball of blurry light hes running from. This game has no boss fights but one, at the end. That makes this game even worse, its almost like they tried to take the jumping electrical wires and stuff from games like Metal Gear solid, and the after smoke ” fog ” of silent hill and throw in random enemies that you cant even see any details in. Thats my judgement, maby someone can take this comment into consideration.

        James 🙂 ” A true Silent Hill Fan “

      • Hello James, and thanks for your feedback. Silent Hill has indeed lost its roots over the years following the disbandment of Team Silent Hill after the completion of Silent Hill 3. I think Konami, like most companies (Square Enix for example) try to appeal strictly to new age audiences while pretty much shafting the true fans on board since the beginning that made the franchise such a phenomenon. It is a sad situation, but I always pop on Silent Hill 1, 2, and 3 just for nostalgic reasons. Hopefully companies will go back to their roots and care more about the quality of their games and not as much about padding their wallets with cash. Thank you very much for your feedback and be sure to subscribe to my blog. Thanks again and Happy New Year to you!


      • My overall gamescore for Silent Hill: Downpour……………….. 2/10 i would have given it a higher score for effort, ………………… lol if there was any.

  2. A lot of these horror game franchises are going down the tubes. Look at the critical reception to Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

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