Soul Calibur 5 Review


“A tale of swords and souls eternally retold.”  It’s been three years since we have seen a new addition to the Soul Calibur franchise.  Soul Calibur 5 makes it’s debut to the Playstation 3 and XBOX 360.  Does this fighter have the capability to dazzle fans for yet a fifth time?

 Soul Calibur’s presentation is beautiful.  From the moment you turn on the game, Soul Calibur’s lush graphics completely consume you.  The detail of this game is amazing.  The lush backgrounds, and character details are outstanding.  Definitely top notch in the eye candy department.  Score: 9/10

Sound:  The soundtrack is adequate for the Soul Calibur atmosphere.  The beautifully composed musical score shines brightly in this sword fighting gem.  The voice acting can be hit or miss, but Ivy is still as evil as ever which is top notch for me.  Score: 8/10

Gameplay:  The traditional gameplay of Soul Calibur 5 still remains.  The controls and fighting are smooth as silk.  This, along with the new “Just Guard” and special moves for each character (think of turbo moves in Street Fighter) will keep players coming back to strut their stuff. Score: 9/10


-Story:  This is the issue that prevents Soul Calibur from earning a truly great score.  Soul Calibur 5 has little to no story.  The little storyline that exists is depicted through sketch like still images.  With all the effort Namco put into the game itself, they could have focused an equal emphasis on the storyline of each individual character.  If you are someone looking for a awesome single player fighter, then you may be disappointed with Soul Calibur 5.  This is strictly for those wanting to step into the ring and see who is the true Billy Bad Ass. Let’s face it everyone, bragging rights are the best.

Click here to watch some gameplay footage.  Definitely a good fighter.

Final score:  8/10

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