Final Fantasy 13-2 countdown. Will it succeed?


So we are less than two weeks away before Square-Enix releases Final Fantasy 13-2, the follow up to Final Fantasy 13.  When Final Fantasy 13 was released in 2009 it was impressive when it came to presentation, but it abandoned a lot of the traditional elements that have been cherished by long time fans of the series.  

The demo of 13-2 was released for download on the PS3 and XBOX 360.  There is already significant evidence that Square-Enix heard the outcries of their fans, and made very noticeable changes.  The biggest change being the issue of extreme linearity of Final Fantasy 13.  

Upon completing the demo you are shown several clips of location selections, slot machine mini-games, and…CHOCOBO RACING!  

Well everyone I want to know what you think of this upcoming title release.  Do you think Square-Enix will be able to do damage control with 13-2?


Thanks for your input, and see you soon.




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  1. I haven’t played the demo yet. That being said, here’s my shortlist of things that need to be improved:

    Summons. I really hated the summons in XIII. Making them more interactive than the traditional animations is good, but summoning vehicles is lame.

    ATB: Part of the reason people felt so disconnected from the combat is that enemies and allies just ran around doing whatever the whole time you were soritng out your cue of things. In traditional FF games you could analyse and predict the enemies’ movements at your own pace and define actions for all your units accordingly. A compromise between this and the XIII system would be best. Maybe the ability to pause or slow the action and define ally actions?

    Linearity: Like you point out, this was the most massive fail of XIII. Remember VIII where you could set out whenever you like, maybe discover Galbadia way before you were meant to or get on your boat and discover the mysterious Shumi village that had nothing to do with the main story but was so awesome on its own? We need XIII-2 to have more things to do outside the main quest.

    • Hello Tim,

      Great to meet you and many thanks for following my blog. I agree with you on the following issues you addressed.

      Summons: Not only was the selection of Eidolons very small, but the entire issue of Eidolons transforming into vehicles completely abandoned the traditional Final Fantasy summon system. I think Final Fantasy 10 had the best summon system in my opinion. It was interactive and not to mention the selection of Eidolons were very impressive. Another issue I had with Final Fantasy 13’s eidolons were their finishing moves. They weren’t as impressive as it’s predecessors (i.e. Shiva’s Diamond Dust in Final Fantasy 13…abysmal.)

      ATB: I couldn’t agree with you more on this issue Tim. The ATB system is somewhat challenging, however the fact that you can’t interact with each character individually is a huge letdown, and it makes the combat unsatisfying. Sadly though, I can tell you that the ATB has returned to 13-2. While other reviewers find it a nice touch (IGN, GameInformer, Gamepro) long time fans of the series will feel cheated by the change from the original and beloved turn based battle system.

      Linearity: This is an issue that based on the demo Square-Enix released has been addressed. Upon completing the demo you are shown a video with clips of gameplay footage. There is a clip showing all the location selections available to go in the game. It is very similar to FFX-2.

      All we can do is hope and pray that this game will make up for the errors of it’s predecessor.

      Thanks for following Tim, and be sure to spread the word, and tune in to my review of the game upon it’s release.


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