The New Year is upon us. Anticipated games for January 2012.

A very happy new year to one and all.  I’m sure we have all looked back on 2011, and of course we have all made our new year’s resolutions.  Why not make playing new and awesome video games part of that list of resolutions.  Here are my top three most anticipated titles for 2012.  

#1- Final Fantasy XIII-2         Console:  Playstation 3, XBOX 360

As many of you already know Final Fantasy 13 was not very well received by their fans when it was released last year.  The biggest complaint being the extreme linearity of the game.  There were little to no side quests, which made the game seem too short and scripted.  Square-Enix however promised that the entire world of Final Fantasy 13-2 will be completely open for the players to explore.  This will be a nice change of pace, but will it be able to make up for the lost ground left by it’s predecessor?  Tune in for my review when the game is released for Playstation 3 and XBOX 360.

Release Date: January 31, 2012


#2- Soul Calibur 5               Console:  Playstation 3, XBOX 360

Soul Calibur has been pretty dormant since the release of Soul Calibur 4, but as always Namco answers the cries of their fans, and brings to us the fifth installment in the amazing fighting game franchise to kickstart the new year.  With new characters, a deep involved storyline, and in depth character customization this will be the most anticipated Soulcalibur title yet.  Oh, and in case I didn’t mention this to all the Assassin’s Creed fans out there Ezio will be a guest character in both versions of the game.  So take down your katana, chain whip, kunai dagger, and or claws (Voldo fans) sharpen them up and take to battle at the end of this month.


Release date:  January 31, 2012


#3- Tales of Graces               Console: Playstation 3

For a lot of fans of the Tales RPG series this will be an exhilarating breath of fresh air.  Namco has officially announced the release date for the first Tales game for Playstation 3 entitled Tales of Graces.  XBOX 360 was the first HD Console to receive Tales of Vesperia in 2008, which was an amazing game, but Playstation 3 fans felt cheated that they never received an exclusive Tales title.  Well Playstation 3 fans can stop waiting.  Tales of Graces is shaping up to be an impressive title, and being a Tales fan myself I am super excited about this title especially the fact that the game without the side quests and extra content spans over 50 hours.  Sorry everyone but this is a game I will be looking out for, and hopefully you will be too.


Release date:  March 13, 2012


I will keep you updated with more news and reviews.  Until next time everyone! 


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  1. Interesting list! I say this because all 3 of thost games were/are low on my radar. My top 3 would be very different.

    #1: The Last Of Us

    Sure, this may slip into a 2012 release, but I can hope! NaughtyDog always impresses me, especially these past few years. A new character driven IP is exactly what this industry needs.

    #2: Halo 4

    I never got tired of the Halo franchise. After the main trilogy they really got creative. ODST had a bunch of new mechanics and played very differently. Halo Wars was an RTS, and lastly, Reach was what I call the definitive Halo game. A new company means new ideas, so Im hopeful for Master Chief’s return.

    #3: Wii Launch Line-up

    One has to assume that Nintendo has learned from the 3DS’ launch, so we should all expect something great for day 01 of Nintendo’s next-gen system. Whatever it is, I’m interested

    • Hi there Tony,

      Thanks for following my blog, and for your amazing insight.

      With regards to The Last of Us, I definitely have to agree with you on that one. Naughty Dog has yet to release a title that has not pleased their fans. I still play Uncharted like crazy. This will no doubt be added to my look out list. I have a feeling Naughty Dog is going to unleash another gaming masterpiece.

      In terms of Halo 4, I can’t help but be excited and worried at the same time. The Halo series has always been amazing. However, since a new company will be developing this game I can’t help but be worried that they will forget the old saying “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” like a lot of developers have done in the past. There is a huge possibility for new ideas including as you said, a possible return for Master Chief. I only hope that this new company doesn’t start getting lofty visions, and end up creating a bad follow up to an already classic and beautiful franchise.

      With the launch lineup for Nintendo, I have no doubt that they will bring us something amazing. I have no doubts in Nintendo’s capabilities since I have been a hardcore fan since the beginning.

      Thanks again for your insight Tony, and be sure to keep tuning in.


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