Looking back…what a life!

On December 7th 2011 I was happy to receive my official honorable discharge from the United States military.  I couldn’t hold back the tears that were running down my face.  I suppose it had something to do with the memories that were flowing through my mind.  While some of the memories I had were good, the majority of them were bad.  I always remembered the cruel things that were said to me courtesy of basic training.  I don’t hold grudges against the drill sergeants because I know it’s their job to break us down and build us back up again.  To those drill sergeants I owe them a sincere debt of gratitude.  They basically eliminated the immaturity from my system.

My days in Iraq especially the first tour were among the worst days of my life.  There are people out there who don’t understand what a combat soldier experiences over there.  The horrible 120° plus weather, the many times a soldier goes out with his convoy and gets either shot at or hit by a roadside or vehicle bomb.  The comrades you lose in combat, the dead corpses you see.  This is what either molds a soldier into a good person, but it can also leave a soldier damaged.  I am happy to say that with the right help I was one of those who made it safely both physically and emotionally.


Despite the things I experienced while in the military I am still very proud of my accomplishments.  Don’t get me wrong I was by no means a stellar soldier…in fact I screwed up quite a bit.  This is what builds a person up in the military.  I sacrificed a lot in my decision to serve my country including time with friends and family, my education, and my ex boyfriend of nearly three years.  Yes, in case most of you don’t know I am a gay man who served his country proudly.  I have no regrets in making this decision.  People sometimes ask me why I joined the military?  To which I humorously reply “I was bored” which is not far from the truth.  I was so bored with working the civilian retail job and going nowhere in my life.  Plus I was in a very rebellious phase against my parents.  Long story short, I was a very wild individual.
So now I am prepared to begin a new chapter in my life.  I walk with my head held high knowing that I can finally close the military chapter of my life for good.  Now it’s time for the new me to finish my goals that I put on hold, and finally do what I want to do for me.

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