My motivation

Images of love and courage

My hope and motivation

In times when I can’t meet that someone special I always wonder if there is something wrong with me. I always dream of meeting that one true love of my life. When I look at my parents I realize that I am blessed to have had such love instilled into me through these two amazing people.

I always feel like being old fashioned and traditional in my ways of dating and meeting that special someone is wrong, but when I look at my parents I realize that there is nothing wrong with it. Even though it may take time. I realize that soon my true love will come. I just have to believe in that beautiful light that we call hope.

So to my mom and dad I just want to say thank you for all that you have sacrificed for me.  I am so proud to have your strength flowing through my veins, and I know someone will see this love and                                                                                                                               courage in me as well.


About lcenteno

Social media fanatic and big time gamer. Love the field of PR and I am always in constant activities in the PR field. I a physically active person staying in shape at the gym...yeah im a little gym freak. Be sure to follow my blog for all the latest reviews.

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